A Miami native, possibly looking to live like a tourist.

What have I done to myself?

What have I done to us all? I felt inspired to start a blog. What can I say? We’ll see if I do anything with it because I actually may not. But, then again, I just may.

This is actually home!

Lo que pasa

What I’m doing this week, this month, whenever … as I’m figuring out what I’m doing on this site in the first place.

  • So that happened…
    Yes, I did completely get sidetracked by life. In my defense: global pandemic. I’m just trying to keep it together as are all of you, I presume. At least, I hope. Decided I can’t wait until October for Halloween season so I’m starting my horror movie viewing today, beginning with The Cabin in the Woods.Continue reading “So that happened…”
  • Neowise
    Neowise ☄️ I’m excited about this comet and yet keep forgetting to actually leave my house to witness it. Tonight will be the night! Comets, to my mind, are near magical. You can disagree and I won’t mind. But, from my perspective as a tiny human on earth, they’re beings that are constantly renewing. LikeContinue reading “Neowise”
  • Progress
    I am now 20% through my DSLR course on Udemy. I’m learning and it feels great. I also learned I have an old … *ahem* a vintage Nikon D60 which doesn’t have a live view option. Figuring this little critter out is going to be fun, I’m sure. 📷 No, really. I’m sure it’s goodContinue reading “Progress”
  • Punctuated
    So I ran across this link and decided to share. Why don’t we use these more? I’ve heard of the interrobang but never the sarcastrophe. The entire web of this wide world would make so much more sense—and possibly lead to less drama—if the sarcastrophe were used regularly. ^But, no. We like our ambiguity andContinue reading “Punctuated”
  • Bokksu 2
    I’m thinking of cancelling this subscription because I don’t have the self control to not eat all the goodies at once! So delicious! I’m ashamed to admit I only have a few snacks left. Go ahead and judge me. I’m judging me. But they really are delicious! I should be very good and read theContinue reading “Bokksu 2”

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